We at Mosquito Database are a nationwide service with an aim to collect feedback on every small, medium and large construction company within the UK. This feedback will then allow our members to search companies that they may go into business with,search and discover the true reality on how they behave by reading other contractors feedback regarding there experiences with that company.

Not A Credit Searching Facility!

We are not a credit searching facility and we don’t object to anyone using credit searching but we do feel that feedback on how companies act is much more beneficial to our members. When you successfully gain an additional client the feeling is good that you have achieved more work for your company however that feeling soon turns to worry when that first invoice is due! This is when our facility would of benefited your company as by searching companies feedback you probably would of seen a pattern develop on when they were paid and if they were late in payment.

Peace of mind

Did they pay on time, how much longer will payment be overdue, can I cash flow another week, did I get my retention money, was the variation order paid, how could they lose my invoice, accounts department only work on a certain day! All these thoughts & situations we have come across when we deal with business’s and that’s why Mosquito database can work for you and get your business back on track without the worry.