Why Mosquito and why bother? That is the question that surrounds all that visit this page and without doubt you probably have thought to yourself no one cares about you!

We Care!

Mosquito would like to think that your primary purpose is our tool kit, that has to be used before any job or contract in the construction industry. If you place us before making or answering that first phone call and arranging trades, materials, transport & machinery to that first job or site, you could be saving yourself a lot of hassle, time & money. Who likes to give a stranger a free credit account, who wants to chase broken promises, who wants to be the organiser of someone else’s responsibility and who wants to risk their own health & safety?

Why Choose Us Then?

Together we can change the construction industry by identifying the good, bad and ugly companies therefore the only way is through constructive criticism which helps all companies of all sizes. If you have an internal or external problem with people, places or situations, then what better way than by hearing from your clients, contractors or corporations feedback. Progress before perfection has to be sustained for all companies to move in the right direction and that’s where we come in on feedback. You will have the final decision based on reports posted on this site that give you all the information you need regarding a contractor you may go into business with. So why choose us because when this guarantees your peace of mind of what to expect your never look back!